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Customer Loyalty Reward System

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Customer Loyalty Reward System

Just purchased an item from The Pet Store? Congragulations! You're on your way to earning great rewards through our Customer Loyalty Rewards System!

These points can be used to redeem very special discounts!

How do you start earning points?

There are many ways to earn points. We've listed them all here!

  1. Purchasing items are a great way to earn points. When you go into a product page, the number of points you can earn for purchasing that item is listed above the price!
  2. Other great ways to earn points will be added soon. Stay tune!
How do we redeem points?

When you're purchasing an item, you can use your points to get even more discounts! There are no limits on how many points you can redeem, but your cart subtotal must be SGD$50 and above.

Currently, for every 1 point you have, you get $1 off the cart total!

Can we redeem points for cash?

Unfortunately at this point of time, we don't allow you to redeem points for cash. Sorry!

Will our points expire?

Of course not! We think it would be really unfair if we took away your points after a certain period of time, so we've made sure that your points will NEVER expire!

Wow! Is this for real?

YES! =)